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Downsizing with Care

What are the first steps I take when I am interested in potentially working with Downsizing with Care?

Typically, you or your family’s representative give us a call and we discuss the details of your situation (a family member is moving, the is a job change or health problem, etc). We then arrange a time as soon as possible for one of our representatives to come to the home for a physical assessment of the property. In most cases, we then take photographs of everything that you or your family thinks they would want moved out. We then share those photos with our panel of experts in their industry (jeweler, furniture experts, experts on collectibles, books, art, etc). Depending on the volume, we are usually able to get back to you within 48 hours with an offer of what we will be able to pay for your property. Keep in mind, we have to factor our cost of moving, storage, payment to our experts, the cost of money while we are selling it through a variety of outlets, etc. 

Does Downsizing With Care ever have interest in purchasing the real estate itself?

 Yes, absolutely. Often in these situations, people are interested in just selling the property “as is” without putting money or time into it or listing with a real estate agent. We also have relationships with real estate auctioneers and that can often be a way to realize the best value for a property in the shortest amount of time, and we are happy to walk you through that option. 

Does Downsizing With Care have the ability and resources to do a full clean out of a house?

Absolutely. We can and have done everything from selling a few pieces of furniture or collectibles, to doing a full clean out of a home and done painting and repairs to get a home ready for sale or auction. 

Can Downsizing With Care do an assessment of our property to give us an idea of the value of items?

Yes, for a fee we can go through piece by piece and give you an assessment for estate planning purposes. We also have relationships with several real estate appraisers who can give you a written estimate of the property. 

Does the resident of the home have to be out of the property for you to do an initial assessment?

 No, in fact it can be helpful to have someone there who knows the approximate age or provenance of a collection of the content of a home, though that is not necessary. That said, when we come to an agreement and come to remove the items, we do suggest that the resident not be present, simply because it can be difficult for them to watch items that may be sentimental to them being take out of the home.