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Downsizing with Care



Here's how it works:

Initially there is a phone conversation with the client giving them an overview of how the evaluation is initiated.  Within a 48 hour time frame, Downsizing with Care visits the location intended for downsizing.   Photos are then taken of what the client wants to sell or have removed from the residence.  We have a team of experts who have knowledge assessing furniture, jewelry, books, art, clothing and other collectibles. 

Four Options of Transition

1. Downsizing with Care assesses the pieces you are interested in selling and makes a monetary offer to purchase these items.

2. Downsizing with Care will remove all items the client wants removed from the location, however it will be the clients responsibility to pay Downsizing with Care an agreed price to do so.  With this option you are essentially wanting to empty the location.

There is also an additional option to remove carpet and have the location (residential/commercial) painted and any minor work necessary to prepare the location to be sold.

3. Downsizing with Care will offer to purchase the real estate from property or business owner outright. 

4. Downsizing with Care, as part of the evaluation, will photograph, assess and inventory your personal property for a fee.

We at Downsizing with Care believe our services will help make your downsizing effortless and we look forward to assisting you in your endeavor.