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Downsizing with Care


"After a couple of years of my father struggling with failing vision and some other health challenges, my family made the difficult decision that he needed to go to an assisted living facility.   We had heard great things about Downsizing with Care so they were the first call we made after deciding on a place for our dad.  

One of the partners, Casey, came to his house and sat down with all of us, including my dad.  He walked us through the entire process and could not have been more kind and professional.  He paid particular attention to my dad, knowing that this transition was making him anxious.  Dad was particularly worried about how much work and money it would take to get the house ready to be put on the market to sell.  Casey made a suggestion that ended up being the best thing we could have done.  Instead of a traditional real estate listing, he suggested we consider an auction where we could simply sell the house "as-is" as soon as Downsizing with Care had cleared out what our dad didn't want to take with him.  My dad was able to set a minimum price that he would accept for the house and signed the contract with the auctioneer that Casey recommended.  The auctioneer advertised the sale for a month, held the sale on a Saturday (they had both live and online bidders) and it went great!  It's the only time in a real estate transaction that people are actually bidding the price up as opposed to trying to talk you down.  The reserve we set was met quickly and we actually got about 20% more than what we were expecting and had no real estate commissions to pay!

I can't recommend Downsizing with Care highly enough.  They handled everything we needed and more, and they did it in a month when we were expecting it to take many months.  They made it so much less stressful for all of us!"

                                                 -Doug D. of Elizabethtown, KY

"My mother passed away recently and my family and I were left with the difficult task of sorting through years of personal belongings, paperwork, furniture, photos, etc.  After about 3 weeks, we were emotionally and physically exhausted.  We heard about Downsizing with Care and decided to give them a call.  They came in, took photographs of everything we had decided no family member was interested in and got back to us within a day to make us an offer.  It was very reasonable given the fact that they were moving the items at no cost to us, and in fact were paying us a reasonable amount based on their assessment.  They could not have been more professional and kind, and actually brought us a very important box of photos we had overlooked."

                                                     -Rose C. of Jeffersonville, IN

"I liquidated my construction company a few months ago and used Downsizing with Care to help me do that.  I shopped around, but in the end, based on a variety of recommendations and the quick response time and professionalism of Downsizing with Care, I went with them.  For a very reasonable percentage, they handled the sale of  my office equipment and furniture, trailers, tools and heavy equipment.  If I had known it was going to be this easy and even more profitable than I expected, I would have done it a couple of years ago.  I would recommend them to any business owner in a similar situation."

                                                      -Tom H. of Louisville, KY

"About a month ago, I was going through my jewelry with my granddaughter, looking for a special piece to give to her as a gift for her wedding.  I also gave her two sterling silver goblets that my husband and I had at our wedding.

During this process, I realized that I had not looked at most of this jewelry or silver in years - it had just been locked away.  My granddaughter told me she had a great experience when she had Downsizing with Care help her sell some of her jewelry.  I called them and the young man came out and took photographs of the jewelry and silver I was willing to sell.  He then took those photos to his jeweler and, just a day later, the young man from Downsizing with Care made an appointment and came to my house with the jeweler.  He appraised both my jewelry and silver right in my home and made a very good offer which I accepted, though I was not obligated to do so. 

I was actually able to help my granddaughter with some of the cost of the wedding from the proceeds from the jewelry and silver that had just been locked up collecting dust for years.  Downsizing with Care made it so simple, and it was done right in my home!"

                                                 -Jo H. of Taylorsville, KY